Epomaker Shadow-S

Unlock Your Potential: EPOMAKER Shadow-S, Where Innovation Meets Personalization

Redefine your desk setup with a blend of legacy

The EPOMAKER Shadow-S elevates the gaming and productivity experience with notable features like customizable VIA software, a 1.14-inch programmable smart screen, superior sound through five layers of foam, and versatile connectivity options (Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, USB-C). This gasket-mounted keyboard combines innovation and legacy, redefining performance and comfort standards for users seeking the best of both worlds.

EPOMAKER Shadow-S Gaming Keyboard

Born from the legacy of our iconic Shadow-X mechanical keyboard, the newly launched EPOMAKER Shadow-S elevates your gaming and productivity experience with an upgraded design that sets new standards in the keyboard industry. The Shadow-S not only marks an evolution in our design philosophy but also heralds a new era for gamers and professionals alike. With its state-of-the-art upgrades, it redefines industry benchmarks, offering an unparalleled experience in gaming and productivity. Discover the future of keyboard technology with the EPOMAKER Shadow-S, where legacy meets innovation.

VIA Programmable

EPOMAKER Shadow-S gaming keyboard features full compatibility with the VIA software. This powerful tool opens up a realm of possibilities, allowing you to program every key according to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're refining your gaming setup for competitive play or optimizing your workflow for productivity, the VIA software grants you the flexibility to tailor your keyboard to perfection. Elevate your experience with precise, personalized configurations that transform the Shadow-S into an extension of your thoughts and actions.

1.14 inch Programmable Smart Screen

Another highlight of Shadow-S keyboard is the 1.14-inch Programmable Smart Screen. This innovative feature allows you to express your creativity and individuality by customizing the display with your own images or choosing from a variety of patterns. Whether it's a personal logo, a favorite character, or a motivational quote, the smart screen brings a unique and fun twist to your gaming or work environment. Transform your keyboard into an interactive masterpiece that not only stands out for its performance but also for its personalized touch.

Five Layers of Foams for Excellent Sound

Ingeniously designed with five distinct layers of damping materials: sandwich foam, IXPE switch pad, acoustic pad, bottom sponge and base silicone layer, EPOMAKER Shadow-S Gaming Keyboard provides tactile satisfaction and acoustic perfection with this combination. This meticulously crafted design ensures each keystroke is not only delightfully soft and responsive but also produces a sound so pleasing it turns typing into a symphony. The Shadow-S is not just a tool, but an experience, offering an unparalleled level of comfort and auditory bliss for gamers and typists alike. Make every press a note in your personal concert of clicks.

Gasket-mounted Wireless/Wired Gaming Keyboard

EPOMAKER Shadow-S is a gasket-mounted mechanical keyboard with triple connectivity: Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, and USB-C wired options. This design ensures seamless, lag-free interactions whether you're gaming or working, providing the flexibility to switch among modes as your environment demands. The gasket-mounted framework, paired with soft gaskets, delivers an unmatched typing experience—soft, responsive, and with reduced sound for prolonged comfortable use. Perfect for those who demand both reliability and the freedom to connect in any way they choose.

Technical Specifications

Number of keys
85 keys+1 knob+ screen
VIA programmable
Stabilizier type
Triple modes, Blueooth/2.4Ghz/USB-C wired
Flex-cut PC plate
1.14 inch LCD screen, programmable
Battery capacity
Polling rate
500hz under wired and 2.4Ghz mode; 125hz under Bluetooth mode
south-facing LED
Cable length
about 1.8m
Hot swappable
yes, compatible with 3/5 pin switch

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