CIDOO ABM081 Stellar

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75% compacted Layout

The CIDOO ABM081 stellar, with its 75% layout, is engineered for enthusiasts who seek a sleek, compacted keyboard that doesn’t compromise on features or functionality.

CIDOO ABM081 stellar: A Compact Powerhouse with 1.14 inch TFT Screen

Equipped with a 1.14-inch TFT screen, this keyboard not only displays essential data like date and time but also allows users to upload and showcase GIFs for a personalized touch.

Triple Connection Versatility: Type-C, Bluetooth, and 2.4Ghz Wireless

The stellar is equipped with Type-C, Bluetooth, and 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity, supported by a 3000mAh battery for reliable, long-lasting power, accommodating a variety of setups and preferences.

VIA Compatibility for Customization

Thanks to VIA compatibility, personalizing the keyboard’s layout and functions is intuitive and detailed. Users can easily reassign keys and program macros to fit their specific needs, enhancing productivity.

Hotswappable PCB with RGB Lighting

Featuring a hotswappable PCB with south-facing RGB lighting, this keyboard allows for easy switch changes and personal aesthetic customization, providing practicality alongside visual appeal.

Gasket Structure with Sound Dampening Materials

Incorporating a gasket structure and flex-cut PC plate, along with sound-dampening materials such as Poron Plate foam, case foam, IXPE switch pads, and PET sheets, the stellar reduces undesirable noise and produces a satisfying sound signature and typing experience.

Finely Tuned Plate Mount Stabilizers

The stabilizers on this keyboard are precision-tuned to provide a smooth, stable keystroke, reducing rattle and noise.

Ergonomic Double Stage Feet

Find your perfect typing angle with double-stage feet that support multiple positions, promoting comfort and adaptability during long hours of use.

MDA Profile Dyesub PBT Keycaps Ready to Go

Out of the box, the pre-built version of the stellar comes equipped with high-quality MDA profile Dyesub PBT keycaps that promise durability and a superb feel under your fingertips.

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